Lucas Yamamoto

Easily editing site settings through the Decap CMS

Change the site name, social networks and more using the power of the Decap CMS (formerly Netlify CMS)

Customizing the CSS of your preview of Decap CMS

In Decap CMS, we have a real time preview section that allows you to see your parsed markdown content. Let's customize it!

Decap CMS with Hugo in Netlify

Let's integrate the Open Source CMS with Hugo with just a few tips

5 worst hacking scenes from movies and TV shows

Hollywood is a well-known industry that creates movies and TV shows that are often unrealistic. However, there is one thing that stands out to me as being completely implausible: any scene involving hacking.

I changed my entire website from Gatsby to Go lang

Why did I learned a bit of Go and decided to create my own SSG to use on my blog

Are you still not using ChatGPT in your daily work? Hurry up, you might be wasting time.

The AI Boom era is here, and we are already late

Jack Reacher Season 2: You probably watched it before

This post contains spoilers from Jack Reacher Season 2.

WhatsApp: The Sneaky Iphone Battery Drainer – Unmasking the Villain

I investigated my new iPhone 14 Pro's rapid battery drain. It's only a month old. WhatsApp was the reason.

Gatsby Plugins: The 8 Essentials for a Perfect Blog

What is already good can be even more impressive with the use of the following plugins to further extend the power of this tool.

Adding Spacing to an Underline Natively with CSS

And no, it's not with border-bottom

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