Lucas Yamamoto

Jack Reacher Season 2: You probably watched it before

This post contains spoilers from Jack Reacher Season 2.

I didn’t read Jack Reacher’s series of books, but I saw the movies and the series. What I can say for sure is that this second season looks like something that I watched so many times. The first season was intriguing and had unique attributes that differentiated from any other series nowadays. The storyline was concise, the violence was brutal but realistic and necessary, and in every aspect of the season, you could understand why Reacher was such a feared but fair man and why the franchise is called Jack Reacher (at least the cinematographic one). When you watch either the movies or the TV show, you expect not a great storyline but action and fights.

The first episode of season 2 started well. Jack Reacher beats off a guy who was kidnapping a child’s mother while she was withdrawing her money to give to the bad guy. He just did it on the street, in the Jack Reacher way.

Things start to go down in the middle of the first episode. “You do not mess with the special investigators” looks like some phrase from a teen TV show on Nickelodeon. And I don’t understand the intention of repeating each all the time; it worsens by doing that.

And being in the IT world, I’m not even going to mention that whole “guessing the password” scene. This scene is so stupid that I don’t want to consider it.

In the episode, when the whole “gang” is reunited, things get even worse. You honestly can’t care that much for anyone. And yes, “you do not mess with the special investigators…because the script will protect them the entire time like they all are a version of Jack Reacher”. Everyone now is just an incredible fighter that doesn’t fear anything. You cannot get worried about any of them because you know they will get away alive from anything. The dialogues keep all the time giving you an overdose of information that they learn from the voices in their heads because not only are they invincible fighters, but also magicians as investigators. Special Investigators, according to the Air Force of Special Investigations site, mean that they do have physical training, investigatory capabilities, and specialized training such in economic crime, antiterrorism, computer crimes, and others, but not the ability to dodge bullets or incorruptible. Yes, they could make the season enjoyable by making Swan a villain, but they decided to show that Jack Reacher is never wrong, not even by his judgment, and that no one in his group would ever betray him.

What about when they start talking with Marlo? She keeps mentioning how evil Langston is and how they defeated each group of bad guys that Marlo keeps mentioning, just acting like “moto bikers: check; professional hitman: check…”. That’s just poor writing.

The bus fighting scene seems so dull. We could have an intense scene like the one in the prison of the first season where Reacher shows why the TV show has his name. Still, they just decided to do the classic “one by one” streak, where the script assumes that every single person is just going to do everything that Reacher expects because no one is capable of taking just a single wise decision like…not entering in a dark place alone where is a trap. You have to hunt a highly-trained Hulk with fantastic survival skills.

Well, when you ignore all that crap, just expecting the ending of all this series of errors that seems like you saw multiple times in a lot of other conspiracy shows, and starts to like one single character that appears to make the minimum effort to be a likable one, they just kill him off like a generic one.

Then, you ignore many other unimportant things to get to the end. That’s when you realize that Langston is not just a bad guy; he is a super bad guy and an evil human being who doesn’t have the capability of having any good attributes. He is so evil that he becomes the type of caricature villain who not only wants to do bad things and just be wrong, but he needs to explain his entire plan in the classic and cringe way so that we, spectators, understand things that we couldn’t put together because our missing neurons.

They just killed Langston and the “amazing” A.M.. He was supposed to be feared and terrorizing, intelligent and calculist, but it’s the same guy who expected the cop to make the call and alert everyone where he was, and only after that call did he decide to kill her. The exact A.M. keeps talking to children about his favorite comic book without good reason.

In the end, the Season 2 of Jack Reacher is something you probably watched before.