Lucas Yamamoto

5 worst hacking scenes from movies and TV shows

Hollywood is a well-known industry that creates movies and TV shows that are often unrealistic. However, there is one thing that stands out to me as being completely implausible: any scene involving hacking.

Today I’m going to list the 5 worst hacking scenes from movies and TV shows.

5. Criminal Minds

With a simple search on Google, you’ll probably be able to find the meaning of GUI. Basically, what the hacker from Criminal Minds said is: “her Graphic User Interface is mind-blowing.” To be fair, her GUI can actually be good, well designed, and beautiful, but I’m quite sure that he didn’t mean it in that way.

4. CSI New York

Basically, what she said is: “I’ll create a Graphic User Interface Interface using Visual Basic. See if I can track an IP address”. You can create a GUI to use within the program that tracks the address, but I mean, you need firstly to create the program. Seriously, these people REALLY need to learn the meaning of GUI.

3. Castle

I love the command: “start counterstrike”. It’s so simple! Why don’t we program like that?

2. Swordfish

“Now I just gotta modify the code”

At one point, it even seems like he’s losing in a Fortnite match. Oh, and in the end, he says: “now I just need to modify the code.” What was he doing all this time?


“I’ve never seen code like this!”

Neither did I my friend. If a code can be stopped just turning off the monitor, I’m quite sure that this code is not well designed.

The funny part about all these scenes is that the more you get hacked, the more windows and beeps flash.