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Strange Characters in Google Chrome on MacOS

Strange characters in Google Chrome on MacOS appeared out of nowhere and here's why

There I was, happily writing my article about the development of this new blog (I’ll post it here soon) when I came across some strange characters in Google Chrome without any explanation.

New Chrome search tab with bizarre characters

The search page was like this in Chrome, and when I typed anything, the letters were scrambled.

I went to look deeper and at first, I thought there might be some unwanted extension installed in my Chrome.

And when opening the Chrome extensions page, I encountered more weird characters.

Chrome extensions page with bizarre characters

And no unusual extensions.

Everything was very strange…

My profile in Chrome with bizarre characters

Until, searching on Google, I came across the following community help

In it, basically, the user was saying that they were having the same problem and just uninstalling the Roboto font from their system fixed everything. And indeed, yesterday I installed the Roboto font to develop the blog’s design in Adobe XD:

Roboto font installed on the system

And upon uninstalling it…

Roboto font uninstalled from the system

Everything went back to normal…

Chrome extensions page without bizarre characters

My profile in Chrome without bizarre characters


John Travolta confused

I still don’t understand what happened, but apparently, after a MacOS update, the Roboto font became unusable in the system.