Lucas Yamamoto


At age 12, I developed my first website, using notepad and seeking new knowledge in HTML, CSS and PHP to make dynamic and robust systems.

At 19, I joined Codeby, when it was a small company with only 9 people, in a co-working that we should only go on pre-selected days.

In the same year, I had the opportunity to participate in the Pizzahut and KFC Mexico project, in which I was able to put my knowledge of English and programming into practice, being responsible for the development of an integration with the objective of sending about 1 order per second, placed in e-commerce, for the store previously selected by the customer.

In 2019, I did a face-to-face training for the Motorola team in India and, in parallel, I developed Motorola US e-commerce using React and Node.

In 2020, I developed an integrator system for VTEX environments using Python, responsible for migrating hundreds of thousands of products and other data from 6 different malls to the current ONStores environment.

In 2021, I was one of those responsible for tripling Codeby’s revenue, in addition to helping it grow more than 200% in the same year and became the leader of Codeby’s operations and development team, responsible for managing a team of more of 60 people.

In March 2022, Codeby was acquired by Keyrus. As one of the company’s business partners, I continued with the organization, serving as a Solution Maker, Account Manager, and Developer within the Keyrus Latam Digital team.

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