Lucas Yamamoto

2022: New Year, Big Changes

Recently at CodeBy, we migrated our apps and deployments from Digital Ocean to AWS, allowing us to take advantage of the full range of services that Amazon Web Services offers.

Since 2020, I have officially had this blog, but for a few years, I had written various articles related to technology, and when I launched this site with Jekyll, I posted them here and today I have a space, a small portion of the internet to bring thoughts and ideas that may be ridiculous, but that manage to convey a bit of knowledge to those who are still trying to understand what programming is.

I have always enjoyed writing, but I have always been afraid to write publicly on topics that might cause some misunderstanding when in fact my intention is exactly the opposite. As I discussed with my friend Samurai a few days ago, we concluded that we think too much before taking action and just doing it, which although a real cliché, is a reality. Thinking too much about the possibilities that can occur, the pros and cons, the good and the terrible results, etc., means that while we avoid having unwanted outcomes, we stop innovating, making mistakes, and consequently learning.

At Codeby, I had the opportunity to gain a lot of experience and knowledge that would have been unimaginable if I hadn’t been in the technology market, especially in the e-commerce market. I had the chance to participate in incredibly large projects, traveled to India exclusively for work, gave training to large teams (and continue to do so), and much more. What I want to convey in this post is that in 2022 there will be big changes in my life and I would like one of them to be the possibility of transforming this place where I write into a place where I can share things and reflections that would only be revealed by being in the technology market.


I have some ideas for types of posts I want to bring here:

  • A series of articles with the purpose of developing games in Javascript
  • A (free) course to develop an e-commerce integrated with Paypal, using Ruby On Rails
  • A series of articles exploring different languages (from Python, Ruby, and PHP to Rust, Clojure, and Go) aiming to explore the potential of each with challenges and building different things

Changes in the blog

Besides that, I want to make some changes in the blog. Initially, I had thought about developing a system with Ruby On Rails to manage the posts, videos, and courses, which wouldn’t be exactly a bad idea as it would give me an excuse to implement new ideas and test new features released in Rails, but due to lack of time because we have many things to be done at Codeby this year, I decided to continue with the blog on Jekyll with GitHub in a standard way and I want to implement as soon as possible, even today, the Netlify CMS, for a few reasons:

  • The possibility to segregate content into different collections (courses, posts, videos, series, etc.)
  • The possibility to schedule posts
  • Being able to create posts as drafts
  • Having a WYSIWYG editor that allows me to upload images and videos without having to upload them to the repository first and then reference them via markdown

Understand, I love writing in markdown, and even more with Notion, the note-taking app I use to make my post drafts, where I can write in markdown freely, my line of thought flows even better, but sometimes I need to be quick and can lose my train of thought simply because it’s difficult to post content on some particular day or time, that’s why I want to make this change.

Besides that, I want to change the design of the blog. Move away from Jekyll’s default Minima and develop something of my own. My friend Bruno Dup had made a super clean design for the blog and I never had the opportunity to bring it to life (or from Figma haha), but this year I want to do differently. I want to change this and make this layout a reality.

These are some of the changes I want to make here on the blog and in its content. I will bring more news soon.